Technology Solutions

Waste-to-Energy: Global Criterion Solutions pride ourself in having kept pace with the latest developments in Waste-to-Energy technologies that are commercialised and aligned ourselves with a number of Advanced Conversion Technologies in gasification. In addition to give clients an acceptable comparative analysis of other available alternative technologies by being technology-neutral we are able to empower them to consider incineration as a solution. Other integrated solutions such as gasification coupled with an Anaerobic Digester for the organic fractions of municipal solid waste for more effective treatment and reduced the waste diversion to landfill can be accomplished. The gasification plant sizes varies from small scale containerised format to large permanent plant sites.

Agricultural Waste: For agricultural waste our solutions from the technology provider is focus on feed management system before the Digester in the interest of more efficient and economical operation of Biogas plants. Our technology providers offer plant operators special components and systems that simplify handling and increase yield. The performance of a Biogas plant depends very much on the efficiency of its individual components. A combination of the individual components creates a more effective overall system. As a result the solution leads to efficient handling tailored to your specific requirements for pumping, macerating and feeding as well as for preparing co-substrates and bio suspensions.

Water Treatment: Our water technology providers are world leaders in water treatment solutions and experienced in the development, engineering, construction and operation of advanced desalination and industrial water treatment plants. They lead the water industry with some of the world’s most advanced membrane desalination plants offering small to large cost-effective desalination solutions including some of the largest in India, Middle East and North Africa. Experienced in industrial water treatment they deliver sustainable, reliable and most of all economical solutions to various industries. Again for wastewater treatment solutions our technology providers are innovative in rendering operators of sewage treatment plants special components and systems that simplify handling and reduce costs, helping clients to run their systems more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Power System Engineering Grid Code Compliance Testing: we are aligned with a Swedish company who specialises in providing advanced analysis and testing services for the Power industry, Nuclear plants and Heavy Process industries.  A track record of almost two decades of projects in several countries have proven exceptional results and very short ROI. The Swedish business has a long tradition and is very competitive, having top quality products, high productivity, energy utilization and superior environmental results. Their solutions has contributed to this efficiency with their services.

The company has specialized in optimizing the power and process systems of complex process industries like pulp & paper, steel, chemical and petrochemical. High requirements on both steam and power quality and reliability requires well designed boilers, steam distribution, turbines, generators and not the least CONTROL. Their solutions uses modern methods with dynamic simulation for design, tuning and training for these complex plants, and have improved the performance of many plants. Many effects can be achieved. Quality improvements, outage reduction and fuel savings (efficiency improvements) can all be achieved by designing and tuning the control systems right. Simulation tecniques are essential due to the complexity of these plants.

The company takes part in commissioning and fine tuning of all systems, so that it is really verified that it works as intended. Operator training using simulators is also carried out, as the skills of the operators are essential in critical operating conditions.