Global Criterion Solutions is a British Virgin Islands based firm with offshore business focus on emerging markets in Asia making Hong Kong as our Headquarters. Our business activities cover most of the ASEAN markets in particular the Greater Mekong Region.

At Global Criterion Solutions we work harder to make this world at harmony with nature and its resource endowments. We understand the full matrix of climate protection and to help preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations to come. As good corporate citizens we naturally treasure the sustainability of the environment by a delicate balancing act in the business that we are in.

We thrive in the power systems and the water sector. We look at power systems as a total energy mix. Hence we are fuel-neutral and engage in solutions that runs from fossil fuel to renewables. The energy mix is demand driven and cost factors fluctuate from country to country. Energy regulators vary their policies at different intervals and affect project economics and investment risk. In the midst of all these variables  we try to remain on top in our technology solutions to our valued clients. Innovation is foremost in our solutions.

Our portfolio includes solutions for Waste to Energy through Advance Conversion Technologies in gasification as well as mass burn. We also provide solutions for Biogas production from farm Waste through Anaerobic digesters. In coal we are promoting solutions in clean coal.

In water, we keep pace with clients wants in seawater desalination and wastewater treatment by collaborating with leading global water technology providers. We are also providing feed management system for wastewater treatment from a leading German company.